Friday, September 20, 2019

Comparing Relationship between Teller and Tale in The Merchant’s Tale a

Relationship between Teller and Tale in The Merchant’s Tale and The Wife of Bathe A relationship is usually seen between the teller of a tale and the tale that he or she decides to share. Chaucer’s pilgrim, the Merchant, uses his feelings on marriage to teach a lesson in his tale. The Wife of Bathe also relies on her life experience to tell her tale. The two relationships in the tales can then be compared. In his prologue, the Merchant recounts how he despises being married. He has only been married for two months and he regrets the decision he made because his wife is the worst of all. He takes these negative views of marriage into his tale. The old man that gets to receive the Merchant’s feelings towards marriage is January. January is happy in his marriage, quite the opposite from the Merchant, yet his wife fools him. The Merchant is blinded by the beauty and vivacity of his young wife, May. He is in love enough with her that he does not immediately understand the affair that is happening behind his back. Even when he catches sight of Da...

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