Friday, September 13, 2019

A critical analysis of the role of ICTs for the strategic development Essay - 1

A critical analysis of the role of ICTs for the strategic development and an assessment of the electronic presence of British Airways - Essay Example Moreover, ICTs has assisted the British Airline to strategize and continuously assess of all external elements as well as competition posed by other airlines and customer needs. ICTs have helped the British Airways to adapt themselves in order to enhance the competitiveness (Zong 149). This model involves business transactions between business organizations and consumers. The organization sells and advertises its product through the internet. It provides consumers with online catalogue to choose a variety of their goods. One of the services offered include travel services. British Airways offer travel services to its customer who purchases goods through the internet (online shopping). This model involves consumers selling directly to other consumers. For example is an auction web site that allows consumers to advertise and sell their products online to other consumers. When a consumer purchases the auctioned goods, they need the transport service in order to have their goods at their premises. Therefore, through the ICTs mechanism, British Airways is able to satisfy the urgent need of transportation needed by the consumers. Mobile commerce refers to the use of internet to sell or purchase products online then availing the products into consumer’s hands using wireless technology. Lastly, British Airways has used several tactics to ensure improvement in its services to the customers. Such tactics include arranging sales settlements between airlines and travel agencies to enhance accessibility by the customers and empower often flyer programs that serve domestically to primarily serve the national market (Paul

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