Monday, August 12, 2019

Humanities - Modernism in Art, Literature and Film Essay

Humanities - Modernism in Art, Literature and Film - Essay Example The essay "Humanities - Modernism in Art, Literature and Film" gives a detailed information about the art. literature and film of postmodernism era. The first half of the nineteenth century Europe witnessed a large number of wars and revolution that consequently lead to â€Å"turning away† form traditional form of aesthetics and evolved a new genre of art, culture and social activities. Modernism rejected the doctrine of the conviction in â€Å"Enlightenment Thinking† and negated the existence of an empathetic and omnipotent creator. But these essentially doesn’t mean that the movement of modernism negated the existence for all kinds of religion and existence of god, nor do they rejected every kind of â€Å"Enlightened Thought†, to be more precise rather, modernism was a movement that challenged and questioned the maxims of the previous age. Modernism, therefore, marks a very distinguishing difference with the Victorian bourgeois morality and a complete de viation from the nineteenth century optimism. It profoundly displayed pessimistic scenario of a culture in disorder. Modernism, as a movement and as an aesthetic form, is subjected to myriads of criticism. Charles Baudelaire is treated as one of the major poets of the modernist movement and a staunch follower and patron of modern art and literature. Baudelaire was the first author of the symbolist tradition. In his ‘To the Bourgeois and The Heroism of Modern Life, from Salons of 1845 and 1846’, Baudelaire wrote, â€Å"It is true that the great tradition has been lost..."

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