Monday, August 12, 2019

Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 31

Assignment - Essay Example The River Woods facility is projected to be more automated with recent technology in production of appliances (Cameron). This will also ensure that the facility produces more at the least cost while using the least human resource power. The organizational structure of River Woods facility is also under review and most of the top official agree that the facility should be managed by a general manager. The new manager under the proposal is likely to face the following challenges. One of the challenges is the new manager may become overworked. The manager is also likely to face resistance from the subordinates due to the new kind of leadership. The manager may also face communication problems, which are likely to be brought out by the organizational structure and the changes in technology at River Woods. The manger is also likely to become ‘bossy’ since he/she will be ata position of making some of the important decisions in the company. Operating River Wood facility will require a manager who is willing and more able to meet the objectives of the company. In order to manage effectively one is required to have the ability to control others and influence their decision. Owning the position of a manger automatically gives one the legitimate power to assign and give duties in addition to commanding what takes place in the organization. The other source of power the manager at River Woods is likely to exercise is the expert power based on his knowledge and his level of education. The skills he possesses will be able to influence his/her subordinates regarding the control of operations at the facility. The ability of the new manager to socialize and cultivate a good relationship with the subordinates will give him/her referent power. The interpersonal skills and good relationship in an organization always provides a company with the ability to attain its objectives. The new manager will obtain power by being

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