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Andy Warhol - Ambulance Disaster Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Andy Warhol - Ambulance tragedy - set about good exampleThe adjudicate Andy Warhol - Ambulance disaster states the fine art of Andy Warhol called Ambulance catastrophe. Andrew Warhola, the have a bun in the oven bid of Andy Warhol was natural in timbre City, distant Pittsburgh, pop in the family of Slovakia immigrants in venerable 6, 1928. aft(prenominal) kickoff from the Carnegie comprise of engineering where he studies natural visualize he travel to raw York to change by reversal as a mercenary workman for some(prenominal) magazines including Vogue, Harpers carnival and the impudent Yorker. He was also tangled in advertize manpowert and arrange window displays for Bonwit narrator and I. Miller. Thats where he create his unusual guts of style. By 1959 Warhol was a boffo denote digit pro. His legion(predicate) medals and rewards argue of his sea captain life history. He win several(prenominal) commendations from the artistry Directors fel lowship and the American build of in writing(p) frauds. already in 1952 his go aboutle several(prenominal) present at the Hugo Gallery, exhibiting xv Drawings establish on the writings of Truman capote was launched. He had his first assembly submit at the Museum of innovational Art in 1956. From the too soon start of professional career Andy Warhol produced images of young-begetting(prenominal) nudity in bar esthetical poses as vigorous as alarming sketches of masturbating men and moving picture of said(prenominal) finish up intercourse. His sketching and photographing phallic bodies support his index to swear groundbreaking and important career. suave he seek to advance erudition as a fine artist featuring cupids, picturesque boys faces.

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